The Youth components of P2B, endearingly called "Small Change" and "Change Agents", will  encourage  youth to tap into, search out and embrace their interests, abilities and God given gifts. The major focus areas will be creative writing, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, service to mankind and God. Small Change is ages 6-12. Change Agents is ages 13-17. 

The Youth will be given opportunities to collaborate with other youth and have access to a wide range of support from spiritual advisors, literary professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.  Their roles are to help manifest, inspire, cultivate and nurture the ideas, talents and dreams of the youth.  Emphasis will be placed on biblical principles and character building for everyday life while teaching the importance of sustaining a Kingdom commonwealth.


P2B believes every small change can and will lead to big results for their generation as they unfold God's plan for their lives!! 

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